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Westcan offers a great solution to those who need a canopy and the capabilities of hauling long or heavier loads, with their over the canopy ladder rack.

Our unique Adjustable Over Canopy Rack can help you get it done! Whether you have a cab high, semi rise or high rise canopy, our full size rack will fit any full size truck. This rack adjusts to maximum height of 35″ from the mounting location on the truck box to the bottom of the top cross bar. This product is made from hi-grade aluminum and only fastened with stainless steel or non-corrosive hardware. There will never be any rust marks on your vehicle from bleeding hardware!

If you change vehicles, you can take it with you. The rack is fully adjustable; the only purchase you would need is the vehicle specific install kit. This application is the same for the down size rack. It also fits all down size trucks! Each complete rack has three part numbers; the vehicle specific Install Kit (OCBC’s), the Full Size or Down Size Over Canopy Rack, and the optional 24″ Over Cab Extension.Westcan’s Adjustable Over Canopy Rack can be quickly removed without removing the canopy and has a maximum load rating of 600 lbs.

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