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Bak-FLIP MX4 - Tonneau Cover

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Quick Release Lightweight Material for Easy Removal and Storage

Undercover continued the practice of manufacturing versatile and affordable tonneau covers with the Undercover SE Tonneau Cover. The Undercover SE shares a lot of the same features as the Undercover Classic. Where it differs is in the design and the locking system. Each Undercover SE Tonneau Cover is built specifically for your truck. Custom fit along with a weatherproof seal around the perimeter of the truck bed prevent any leakage from getting inside. That means keeping your stuff safe from mud, rain, or snow.

Another great thing about the Undercover SE Tonneau Cover is the ability to install and remove the cover in just minutes. To make that possible, Undercover utilized no-drill clamp on rails and quick release struts. With the struts installed, their purpose is to assist in smoothly opening the cover and supporting it while you have the tailgate down. If you need more room, the struts easily pop off their anchor allowing you to remove the cover and have full bed access.


The Undercover SE Tonneau Cover is deigned with a lower profile. This adds to the aesthetics of the truck and aerodynamics is enhanced with a modest spoiler on the rear accompanied by 3 subtle ribs toward the front.


ABS material makes up the construction of the Undercover SE for the same reason it is used for the Classic. It’s lightweight to make install and removal easy, it’s strong and durable to last a long time, and it’s more affordable than fiberglass.

Center Lock

Instead of two twist locks, the Undercover SE takes advantage of a center locking mechanism that secures both sides from one point in the center. The cover still comes with 2 keys for backup and makes daily use much easier with the style lock.

Concealed Hinge

The new low profile design includes a completely concealed hinge providing a tighter fit for your truck bed. The Undercover SE Tonneau Cover is still easy to install and remove with no tools required.

For the full product sheet from UnderCover, click here.

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Category: Accessories, Tonneau Covers

Condition: New

Make: Most Trucks

Model: Most Models


Fits Years: Most Years

Box Length: 5'5", 5'8", 6', 6'6", 7', 8'

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